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I am Lisa Wood and I would like to warmly welcome you to the services here at Accounts on Sea.  With over 25 years of experience, you can rest assured that your book keeping and accounts will be kept

up-to-date and correct.  I can help you get back to doing what you do best - running your business.

Examples of how Accounts on Sea can help run your business.

If you are a sole-trader, billing out at £200.00 per day (for example), if you spend just 1/2 a day per week on your paperwork for VAT or CIS, it will cost you £5,200 per year. Choosing me to run this side of the business will take the stress out of HMRC returns for you, up to date accounts for your bank should you require a loan and I can even give you an estimate on how much tax you'll need to pay at the end of the year.

By using my service you are not only budgeting for your tax, you'll have no huge accountancy bill at the end of year, as payments are spread throughout the year. The biggest benefit has got to be that you can bill that extra £5,200 per year.

As a sole-trader, you are probably used to submitting your 'shoe box' of receipts, invoices and bank statements to your accountants once a year and waiting for a long period of time for a response as to how much tax you'll have to pay, let alone dealing with any queries your accountant may have - sometimes up to two years after the query arose! This is where 'fixed fee' accounting comes into its own. I'll take your 'shoe box' several times a year. Keep your 'books' up to date so any queries can be dealt with while you still remember the purchase! Together, we can keep a closer eye on your expenditure, and more importantly, your profits.

Most small companies nowadays do not 'need' a full time bookkeeper.  With office systems and computer software being integrated with all departments, the full time bookkeeper is quite redundant.  The traditional roll is now merged with a receptionist, office junior or even taken care of by yourself!  This might appear as one way of cutting costs, but only in the short term.

Long term your  accounts can end up in a mess.  Miss postings and general errors can be costly, causing you frustration and making your staff feel undervalued as you are asking them to do a job that is specialised and outside of their own remit. 

Late submission of VAT or CIS returns can be costly.  If repeated, you could face large fines and maybe even flag your company for an inspection.

Accounts on Sea can help with this.  I can come to your premises if needed to ensure your source documentation is inputted correctly and extracting the required information to complete your returns.  I can raise your sales invoices, produce 'cash flow forecasts' (handy if your after extra money or an extension to your overdraft facility), sort a 'fixed asset register' as well as reports for contact / overhead /  departmental costing, budgeting and draft final accounts for submission.

If this is your first year of trading you can opt for a 'fixed fee' package.  All you have to do is decide what services you require and at our initial meeting we will discuss your requirements.  I will then quote for these to include self assessment if required, to run for your financial year so it doesn't matter if you're a few months behind in your account keeping.  To ease the burden of the 'unknown end of year accounts bill', set up a direct debit for a retainer fee (to run in line with your financial year) and all your bookkeeping and accounting woes will be taken care of. 

For more established businesses I offer competitive rates to get your paperwork in order then if you wish, you can switch to retainer fees or stay on a PAYG tariff.  The choice will always be yours.

Either working on site or from my home, I can create a package tailor made for your business,

whether you are a sole trader, or own a small company.

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